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What Would You Change About Your Smile?

Did you know that at both Affiliated Dentists locations we do cosmetic dentistry?  There are many procedures that can give you the smile you’ve always wanted, and some are much cheaper than you may think. 

Take this quick poll below then read on for more information on each selection:

Whitening yellowed, stained or discolored teeth

There are many, many reasons for teeth changing colors.  It could be something such as heredity, or lifestyle issues like consuming liquids that are known to stain teeth (ie: coffee, tea, soda, red wine, etc) or poor dental hygiene.   Even aging plays a role in tooth discoloration.  We have different methods of whitening at our offices, and you can call today to schedule a free whitening consultation appointment (or request an appointment online either at our WEST location and or our EAST location)!

Fixing crooked teeth

Many people instantly think of braces when they think about straightening their teeth.  However, there are other options!  The most common are veneers, which are very thin, very strong custom made laminates that are bonded directly onto teeth to close gaps (and sometimes are even used to whiten a smile if teeth do not respond well to whitening).  Here is a photo of what a veneer looks like:

Changing the size of teeth

Many people have one or two teeth that are slightly larger or smaller than the rest of their teeth, which can make a person self-concious.  Veneers are something that can also fix this, or filing down adjacent teeth to match the others works just as well in some cases.

Fixing chipped teeth

Many times, a tooth chips only slightly and replacing the tooth with a veneer seems silly.  In cases like this, our dentists are able to recontour the tooth and sometimes the teeth nearby to fix the chip.  Recontouring involves filing the enamel away, which sounds scary, but is painless, and only removes millimeters of millimeters at a time.  This is also an alternative to veneers to fix the size and shape of a tooth as stated above.  Here is a great example of what recontouring can do (note: this is after the patient recontoured AND whitened):

Other common cosmetic dentistry options include fixed bridges or implants to replace missing teeth, bonding and gum lifts.  So if you clicked any box above in our poll that implied you wanted a change to your smile, call or request an appointment online (either at our WEST location or our EAST location) today for a free cosmetic consultation at one of our locations!

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